Damp and Mould the Proactive Approach
17th Oct 2023

Damp and Mould the Proactive Approach

Following on from our earlier article which looked at the root causes of damp and mould, we set out proactive routes to managing and resolving the causes of damp and mould in affected properties.

It is vital that agents and landlords recognise that they need to properly identify and investigate any damp and mould issues, as failing to do so could develop into a serious and costly problem.

Our article explores some of the solutions in dealing with damp and mould, such as educating tenants about simple and reasonable lifestyle changes in relation to condensation. We also look at ways of managing humidity, improving or remedying gaps in the insulation of lofts and wall cavities, and the importance of adequate ventilation. We touch on how to deal with rising damp, and water leakages inside and outside a property.

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