In January 2020, UKALA teamed up with Training for Professionals (TFP) to provide a service relationship for ongoing support and training. You can check how you can activate your TFP account and access your documents here:

  • A set of tenancy related documents. This includes different tenancy agreements for agent-managed and landlord-managed situations. It incorporates agreements for all insured and custodial deposits schemes. There are agreements for Housing Act and non-Housing Act tenancies. All the commonly used notices are included, along with a collection of other related documents such as an agreement to lease, variation to the deadline for agreement and wording for collecting rent in advance.
  • A set of management forms, including documents to use for landlord terms of business, property condition reports, tenancy and guarantor application forms. Also included are documents for contractors, a comprehensive pack to help you stay on the right side of GDPR and Legionella inspection forms and letters.
  • Introductory webinars explaining the logic behind the compilation of different document sets.
  • A dedicated email address for answers to your queries about the use of the document sets.
  • All the documents are updated to reflect the changing environment, new legislation or significant court cases that change or clarify understanding. Users are emailed to notify them of uploaded documents being available.

All documents are available for both England and Wales.

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