NLA Leicestershire
20th Mar 2018

NLA Leicestershire

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Legislation Update

Teresa Kaczmarek, Local Representative, NLA

A brief update on what’s live and forthcoming for the Private Rental Sector in terms of legiislation

Less Tax for Landlords

Nigel Tollit; Business Planning Consultant; Less Tax for Landlords

Less Tax For Landlords is an NLA Recognised Supplier, and with S24 and the other tax changes beginning to have a significant impact on both landlord cash flow and their ability to borrow, now more than ever they need to know what their options really are. This 40-minute talk looks at the market, political and practical threats, opportunities, why incorporation is the most expensive mistake landlords will ever make and, most importantly, how to maximise the commercial benefits of building, running, and growing and professional property business.


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