The NLA Fire Safety Logbook (England and Wales) helps you record risks, fire-safety precautions and test records in one place. It contains a number of templates and forms that can be used together as a whole for each of your properties, or individually as required. They include:

  • fire safety risk assessment template
  • year planner for mandatory checks
  • fire equipment defects record
  • fire and false alarm record

These records will allow you to demonstrate to regulators and enforcers the measures taken to mitigate and control fire risks within your property (ies).

Our updated Fire Safety Logbook has been reviewed by the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) and it is available to you for FREE.

If you are already an NLA Associate Landlord or an NLA Member you can access the Fire Safety Logbook (login into the NLA website using your Membership Number and Security Code) and click here.

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