This form of Proxy may be (copied and) used by any Member of UK Association of Letting Agents Ltd. It should be returned to the ADMIN Office by 3.15 pm on 18th December 2018


    Skyline House -2 nd Floor, 200 Union St, London SE1 0LX

    I/We (full name)


    being a member of the above named company, HEREBY APPOINT *the Chairman of the meeting /

    (insert name of proxy (who must be a member of the Company) if you do NOT wish to so appoint the chairman of the meeting) of

    as my proxy to vote in my name and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 13 th December 2018
    and at any adjournment thereof. This form is to be used in respect of the resolutions mentioned below as follows:


    Member Number:


    Resolution [1] Resolution 1

    to adopt the company’s 2017 AGM Minutes

    *For /*Against

    Resolution [2] Resolution 2

    to adopt the Company’s Annual Report and Accounts for the
    period ended 31 March 2017.

    *For /*Against

    Resolution [3] Resolution 3

    to re-appoint Lescott Courts Ltd as reporting accountants of the
    Company until the next Annual General meeting at a fee to be
    agreed with the Board of Directors.

    *For /*Against