Add a Branch

It is a condition of membership that all head office and branches must be included within membership of UKALA. All branches approved by UKALA are bound by the UKALA Terms and Conditions of Membership, UKALA Code of Practice and UKALA Accounting Standard.

Members may add additional branches to their membership if the branch meets the following criteria:

  1. The branch must have the same legal identity as the head office (i.e if set up as a limited company, the head office and branch must be part of the same limited company).
  2. The branch must use the same segregated client money account as the head office, with money movements controlled by the head office.

If a branch fails to meet the criteria as specified above, then the premises are considered a Head Office and must apply to join UKALA as a member in its own right.

There is an additional charge for each branch added to your membership.

If you would like to add a new branch to your membership please provide the following details.

Please start with https://

Contact for Branch