Client Money Questionnaire - Application

Please complete this form so that we can assess your suitability for membership of UKALA.

For guidance on the best practice we expect members to adhere to when holding client's money please refer to the UKALA Accounting Standard.

PART A - Setting Up Client Money Accounts

PART B - Client Money Transactions

PART C - Withdrawing Commission & Fees

PART D - Systems & Controls

PART E - Keeping Clients Informed

PART F - About Your Business

PART G - Client Money Held

What is the percentage split in client money held by you at any one time. (e.g. Rent 50%, Deposits 25%, Other 25%)

PART H - Declaration


1. I confirm that I have submitted an application to join UKALA on behalf of the Business.

2. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information provided in connection with the application, whether in my own hand or not, is true and I have not withheld any material facts. I understand that non-disclosure or misrepresentation of relevant facts may entitle UKALA to cancel my membership in accordance with the UKALA Terms and Conditions.

3. I confirm that you can rely on all the information contained in the application and I have had the opportunity to ask for help and seek independent advice if I did not understand any question.

4. I confirm that the head office and any additional branches named in the application form have the same legal identity and operate a client account(s) with money movements controlled by the head office.

5. I understand UKALA reserves the right to check the financial suitability of the business and those persons named as the Principal, Partners, Directors and or Company Secretary, Persons with Significant Control with credit organisations. UKALA also reserves the right to request accountants’ reports or declarations where necessary to clarify matters arising from our enquiries.

6. I understand that UKALA have appointed Property Redress Scheme to be the provider of independent dispute resolution in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In the event that Property Redress Scheme accept a complaint I agree:

a. to be subject to the jurisdiction of the Property Redress Scheme
b. to fully cooperate with any investigation carried out by Property Redress Scheme
c. to comply with any binding decision (including any remedy) which is made by the Head of Redress and or Property Redress Scheme
d. to pay the case fee to Property Redress Scheme.
e. that Property Redress Scheme may pass on any relevant information relating to the complaint to UKALA

7. I agree that in the event that Property Redress Scheme accept a complaint that UKALA may pass on a copy of this signed application to Property Redress Scheme, upon request by Property Redress Scheme.

8. I understand that in the event that a complaint is received by UKALA, UKALA will pass on details of the complaint to Property Redress Scheme. I understand UKALA may also pass this information on to other third parties, where appropriate. For example, Let Alliance, Hiscox, other trade bodies and tenancy deposit protection schemes.

9. I have read, understood and agree to abide by the UKALA Terms and Conditions of Membership, UKALA Code of Practice, UKALA Accounting Standard.

10. I accept that by signing this declaration that the Business and the Principal, Partners, Directors, Persons with significant control and or Company Secretary are bound by the contractual terms of Membership under the UKALA Terms of Conditions, UKALA Code of Practice and UKALA Accounting Standard

A copy of the UKALA Terms and Conditions of Membership, UKALA Code of Practice and UKALA Accounting Standard be downloaded at:

Our partner Let Alliance would also like to contact you in regards to the insurance products that they offer if you consent to us passing on your details for that purpose please confirm.