The National Landlords Association (NLA) is a member of The International Union of Property Owners (Union Internationale de la Propriete Immobiliere) or UIPI.

UIPI is the only organisation defending the rights of the real estate property owners since 1923. UIPI represents small and medium residential property sector, home owners and the private rented sector. Members of UIPI are the 27 national home owner and landlord associations in 26 European countries. With more than five million members covering 20 million properties, UIPI is the largest association representing residential property in Europe.

UIPI addresses all problems related to housing, rentals, property taxation, energy savings in buildings, property restitution and the defense and promotion of Property Rights as vital and internationally recognised Human Rights.UIPI and its goals: UIPI is the non governmental organisation representing real estate property owners worldwide. Its members are the national non-profit organisations of real estate property owners.

The goals of UIPI are the following:

  1. Protection of the private real estate property rights in front of the states and the national, international and supranational organisations.
  2. Promotion of the institution of the right to private property, and especially to real estate property, as fruit of work, motive for savings, basic element for order and social prosperity, and a instrument for securing liberty.
  3. Elaboration and improvement of legal and economical tools for the realisation and the protection of the rights of private real estate property.
  4. Growth and development, de facto and de jure, of private real estate property in all the countries of the world.
The mission of UIPI

UIPI is the only pan-European body, representing internationally millions of property owners of all kinds of real estate property, all over Europe since 1923.

  • UIPI has always ensured the solidarity of the property owners organisations of Europe, the cooperation and the continuous flow of information among them. UIPI is also assisting its members when asked, in their national level battles.
  • UIPI is today focusing its efforts to the direction of the European Union and the European Parliament authorities, to influence current directives and legislation concerning real estate property.UIPI is also trying to influence authorities and public opinion of Europe through press conferences and Congress declarations towards the deregulation and reprivatisation of property.