Payment Options

If you are already paying by Direct Debit, this will continue automatically. Only if you require a change, download and submit a new mandate.

You can upload the competed mandate to this from,

You will need to use the appropriate membership fee based on client money held by your business Please be aware that annual membership can be paid via BAC’s or Direct Debit.

Client Money Annual DD
£0 - £500K £640 + VAT £59 +VAT
£500K - 1M £747 +VAT £69 +VAT
£1M - £2M £887 +VAT £82 +VAT
£2M+ Referred

Please select if you would like to pay Annually or Monthly


Sort Code:  08-92-99  |  Account No:  65606944

Please use your membership number as a reference.


Make cheques payable to UKALA LTD only, quoting the business name of the applicant on the reverse

It is a mandatory requirement of UKALA that all members must register their branches of applicable.

Add branches

Branch Prices
Per Annum £195.00 +VAT
Monthly Direct Debit £18.00 +VAT

Enter the number of branches to be added to your membership: